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Whether you enjoy school or it's not your favourite, we all have to go. There are so many different subjects you will learn, that you will eventually find a subject that interest you. We all learn at different paces and in different ways, so if something is hard for you don't give up. If you are really struggling in school there are options to help you improve. You could talk to your teachers and ask for extra help, maybe if you are in a smaller group it will help you to understand better. If your school offers homework help or after school help ask your parents if you can go. Also you could ask some friends if they understand and if they do maybe they wouldn't mind helping you out. If any of these choices make you feel uncomfortable you could always see if your parents or older siblings are able to share some knowledge. If it's approved by your parents you could get a tutor ( someone that teaches you privately outside of school, normally cost money). Remember even if you get a bad mark in school and don't want to show your parents it's best you do because if you don't they will probably find out anyway and they will most likely appreciate you telling them. If you try your and you have pushed yourself as much as you can then you've done your best.


In science right now we are learning about fluids so if you wish to learn more, check out this link to a website our teacher created. It offers everything from games, to school help and more.




 Our new unit in science now is water systems, to learn more visit -

Also this is a map of the five major drainage basins in North America that we are currently learning about. Sorry that some of the map is missing!